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Virtually Shooting to Kill

The Poseidon Experience

One of my favorite quotes from former Texas Governor Ann Richards, “In Texas, gun control is using both hands to steady your weapon.” (her other indelible statement made during the ’92 Presidential election, “Stick a fork in him, he’s done.” referring to then President GHW Bush)

shooting-practice1 My friend Emily Longnecker and I went to Poseidon Experience for, well, the experience. We weren’t disappointed. Jesse is thoughtful and methodical in his approach, clearly a professional. As a structural analysis expert of posture and biomechanics, I appreciate Jesse’s aesthetic and awareness. Obviously we have different backgrounds but our end game is similar: proper mechanics, efficient body positioning and accuracy.

In less than 30 minutes, former Navy SEAL and Poseidon Experience owner Jesse Barnett reassess my shooting stance and bad habits with firing a weapon.

There’s something empowering about firing a weapon, and I have to say that with the targets having the silhouettes of men, there’s added motivation to strike true. Not that we were digging deep into some sense of revenge or sadistic expression that we can only safely do in a facility like Poseidon Experience to avoid legal entanglements and prison time…ok, maybe there’s a little of that…

“You’re competitive,” said Jesse to me during a drill. I looked at him with a sideways glance. Like he should be surprised. Emily is equally, if not more so. “You’re intense…” he added. I almost wanted to say “no shit.” but I just smiled. Again, no surprise.

target Having a former Navy SEAL instruct you in shooting a weapon, you know without a doubt the level of professionalism is off the charts. Jesse knows what he is talking about. After spending a few hours with him, I am so proud men like him take on the job of being a SEAL.

Poseidon Experience is my new stress relief outlet. It’s empowering. Perhaps I should hit up hot yoga immediately after…

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