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TRANSCRIPT — Astrology Hub Founder Amanda Pua Walsh



Amanda Pua Walsh was the co-owner of a thriving tech company in New York City.

She decided to leave it all behind and embark on a more heart-centered life in Hawaii.

Astrology became a lifeline when that transition brought about a complete breakdown of her career, finances, and her marriage. Through her first astrology reading and the insights it provided, Amanda found hope, clarity, and direction, which inspired her to create a platform called Astrology Hub.

Astrology Hub makes finding high-quality astrologers for readings and astrological education and guidance accessible to the masses. The Astrology Hub podcast has over 5 million downloads to date. Amanda joins me to discuss how she leveraged astrology in her life and its overall impact within the community she has created.



Welcome to Record Scratch.

Today, my guest is Amanda Pua Walsh, founder of Astrology Hub. It’s such an honor, such a privilege to speak with you. I’m so grateful that you are on this with me. And I’d love for you to share a bit about Astrology Hub, and then we’re going to rewind a bit and explore your life path that led up to the creation of this amazing community. 


All right. Well, Kara, thank you so much for having me. It’s such a pleasure to meet you and your community. Astrology Hub is a worldwide astrological platform that provides astrologically-based guidance. So understanding the energies, the astrological tides I’d like to call them, the tides of energy that move. So understanding those and then also providing an opportunity for education for people who want to learn how to interpret astrological charts and tides, and then also people who want to just benefit from the wisdom of astrology. So they want to get their chart read. They want to understand what’s happening in the world from a bigger perspective, and they want to understand themselves better. So we have resources for all of the above. And we feature the world’s best astrologers who are just incredible at what they do. So the information is trustworthy. You know, it’s high quality astrological guidance and education. Everything that you’ve said, I found to be true. 


So first of all, so I have been a fan of astrology hub for well over a year. And right after Jake died, my son, I turned heavily to astrology among other holistic healing modalities, energy healing modalities. And I’ve always been interested in astrology. And I was so fascinated by the community that you have created, the amazing astrologers and the diversity of their studies. And now it seems like astrology is everywhere. And I love your reference to a lot of water because you do live on Maui. And yes, the waves of energy and things. It’s such a beautiful way to describe all of this. But what was your early exposure? Do you remember when you found out about astrology or discovered it was more than a horoscope in Cosmo magazine?


Oh, yes. I remember it. It’s a moment I will never, ever forget because it was such a game changer for me. like you just mentioned, before this moment, I hadn’t even given astrology a second thought. I kind of wrote it off as one of those weird things that people are into, but it couldn’t possibly be real. How could everybody born in January be just like me? Like, that just made no sense to me because I didn’t know anything beyond the sun sign, right? So I just, I thought it was kind of silly. Then I moved from New York City, which you already kind of alluded to. I was out on the Big Island and I was starting to go through a lot of changes and a friend reached out to me, a friend that I had known in New York and said, “I just had an astrology reading with someone and I really think you should do it.” I think she’s in Hawaii somewhere and I just think that you would love it. So not only was she in Hawaii but she was on the Big Island, not only was she on the Big Island but she was literally 10 minutes down the street from me. So I set up the reading and I was able to actually go have a reading in person, which these days is actually quite rare because a lot of the astrology readings you do online, right?

So I showed up with really no expectations except for that my friend who I really trusted said it was mind-blowing. We sat down for tea. It was so sweet, the whole experience.

And she starts to read my chart. I could not believe that she was looking at this piece of paper with a circle and some lines and squiggly things and explaining the depths of my soul, even giving reference to my relationship with my father and my mother and my brothers. I come from a big family. I have three brothers. I’m the only girl.

She knew things about them from what she was seeing on this little piece of paper.

And she was able to articulate things about me that I knew, they like struck a chord, but I couldn’t speak to. I remember sitting in at this basically kitchen nook in her house with tears streaming down my face thinking, “Wow, first of all, how does it, how can nobody knows about this? Like how can nobody knows how powerful this thing is?”

And second of all, I had done like 13 years Catholic school. I had studied world religions in college. I have my masters in psychology all in this search of the answer to the question, why are we here? Like what is going on here? And sitting at her kitchen nook was my first evidence, like what felt like tangible evidence of a divine intelligence that was so beyond anything I could possibly comprehend.

And it was one of those just complete as I love your record scratch moment.

was a complete record scratch moment of like, whoa, there’s something going on here that is just bigger and more magical and beautiful than I could have ever expected.

That is such a lovely answer. And the expansion and that depth and off the piece of paper. 


And I love that it had that impact on you immediately. I’ve been a slow burn. I have not had such a, I would say, had a cataclysmic situation with astrology, but it’s something

that I have slowly begun to appreciate the depths of over time. I personally was exposed at a very young age, but I love that that was instantaneous. So what happened after that moment? What was it with that reading? How did that impact your trajectory at that point?


Great question. It was around that time that I was really starting to go through some huge personal changes. We had moved from New York. I was seven and a half months pregnant when we moved from New York to Hawaii. I had had some vague ideas of what I would do when I got to Hawaii. I knew I wanted to start something online. Okay, I’ll move to Hawaii and I’ll start something online. And I had been trying to do that. You know, I’d made several attempts. Nothing was really sticking or working. The savings we had moved to Hawaii with was dwindling way faster than my comfort zone. I was married to my college sweetheart and now we have two daughters and that was starting to dissipate the marriage. was that the foundation was experiencing massive tremors, earthquakes. And so here I am in a position where I’m going through financial or economic uncertainty and relational uncertainty with two little girls in a place where I barely know anyone, you know, just starting all over.

And astrology became a lifeline. It was something I tuned into every single day.

Well, first of all, I became friends with the woman who gave me the reading. So I could call her up and be like, Natasha, what the heck is going on? Like, everything in my life is falling apart. Tell me, please. It gave me so much hope at that time. It was around 2012. I would hear things like there’s a lot of people going through a lot of changes right now. It was kind of like in the zeitgeist, you know, it was in the collective that people were going through a lot of transformation. So astrology helped to tune me into that from a collective standpoint. But then also personally, I was, I didn’t know this at the time, Pluto was squaring my nodal axis, which is just like massive. Everything’s going to change. Everything’s going to change. But what astrology enabled me to stay anchored in was that the changes that were happening, first of all, were necessary. I hadn’t messed up. It wasn’t like this grand mistake. It was part of my past and that at the end of it, I was going to be better than ever, more myself than ever, more alive than ever. And really, I was in search of that. I had felt kind of numb and purposeless in what I was doing before. I didn’t feel like I was really contributing anything of positive value to the world. There were all these questions that I was walking with every single day, what I was getting from the astrological guidance, both from just tuning into the Leo King’s daily horoscopes. He was doing that for free every single day, and I would tune in, tell me what’s going on today. I need to know. And coupled with my budding friendship with Natasha, who still to this day is, I call her my fairy godmother, like one of my best friends on the planet. Between those two things, I was able to stay anchored in like a higher perspective. I was able to keep the eagle’s eye perspective even when talk about massive tsunamis of change and challenge and uncertainty and fear about my future. It just gave me, and I use the analogy of a lighthouse too. It was like, “You got this. It’s going to be okay. It’s going to be hard. It’s not good. It doesn’t mean this is going to be easy, but you will get through this and you will be better than ever. And you will live to tell the story. And maybe your story will actually help other people in similar situations as time goes by.” So it gave me so much hope and inspiration. 

And again, it didn’t sugarcoat. It wasn’t like… I went to three different astrologers when I was on the verge of the divorce, looking for an answer that might be different. You know, like if you get a diagnosis from a doctor, you know, you go, you get several different perspectives and every single one was like, “Sorry, Annie, this is happening. It’s not metaphorical. It’s not an internal divorce. Like it’s, it’s, this is actually happening. And it’s going to be okay. It’s going to be okay. It gave me a lot of hope.

To be able to provide that vehicle for other people who I know there’s so much happening in the world right now, there has been for years, it feels so purposeful.

It feels so meaningful to be able to provide access to high-quality astrologers who are already vetted. You don’t have to worry that you’re getting some crazy person who doesn’t really know what they’re talking about. These people are the best of the best.

They have dedicated their lives in this study. heart-centered too. It’s not just all academic and in the mind, they’re able to help really guide people going through a lot of different things. It is really amazing and I love how you were able to use and leverage astrology to help you with that vision of what’s coming. 


So I think that visualizing just in general, like where you want to be, where you want to go, but then having kind of a blueprint of what’s going on and the bumps along the road or the twists and turns that astrology can provide in your life and then those positive elements like, yeah, this Pluto is messing around with your North and South node with which I’d like to touch on that for just a moment. So Pluto can represent, as I understand it, a lot of really internal upheaval change, death, quite literally, and massive rebirth too, like just massive change in general. The North Node, as I understand it, is, and a lot of this is from listening to your guest on your podcast, is representative of our sole purpose. And the South Node is what? I’m not super clear on the South Node.


Well, so this goes through, as you mentioned before, there’s a lot of different branches of astrology. But what you’re talking about is an evolutionary astrology perspective.

And essentially, the belief is, or the idea is that the South Node represents where you’ve been. There’s a certain level of mastery there. Your soul has a certain level of mastery in that South Node placement. So for me, that’s Aries. So being independent, forging my own way, that sort of warrior like, “I’ll just get it done no matter what it takes.”

My soul has a certain level of mastery and familiarity with that. Libra as the North Node of collaboration, cooperation, working with others, that is my North Node placement.

So essentially the idea is that when we incarnate into this lifetime, we are wanting to both take the gifts of that south node, but really learn, like that’s our growing edge, are what we’re wanting to learn in this lifetime is how to really embody that north node placement. And so when Pluto, yes, what you were saying, it’s that transformation that from the, I like to think of it as, and actually Christopher runs from one of the astrologers that we feature on the platform quite a bit. He talks about if you have a house and you tear up the floor boards, Pluto is going to expose what’s underneath. Is it rot or is it buried treasure or is it both?

But you have to look at it. You have to look at it because it’s there. It’s festering. It’s like it’s there. You need to look at it. And then once you look at it, then you know what to do with it. Maybe you do find buried treasure within yourself. And usually you do, even if there’s things that you need to look at that aren’t the prettiest. Even those are just pathways to those parts of yourself that are glorious gifts. So when people are going through a Pluto transit, it’s kind of like the Phoenix rising from the ashes opportunity.

Things are going to burn down. It’s going to feel like a breakdown. But if you make the choice to make that breakdown a breakthrough, then it can be the best thing that ever happened to you. Maybe not something that you want to do again, but something that literally changed your path and put you in your power. 


Well, and speaking of power, what I am hearing and what I’ve heard on your podcast a lot is how to leverage these aspects, how to leverage what’s happening, how to leverage these energies in your life. And you have to keep showing up. You have to keep doing whatever you need to do to move forward, to make things happen. For instance, Mercury is one of my ruling planets. Mercury retrograde is totally good with me. I’m a writer. I can just type away, work on things. Like, I really appreciate and enjoy Mercury retrogrades. But for a lot of people, they’re like, “Oh no, it’s the worst time.” I’m like, “No, no, no, I’m good here. It’s great.”


Yeah. Well, and having that personal awareness of your unique blueprint enables you to take advantage of these different tides, these different waves. I often equate it to the ocean and surfing. So if you are a surfer, you’re going to check the waves every day. You’re going to find out where the waves are, first of all, and then what they’re doing. Are they big? Are they small? Should you bring your longboard, your shortboard? Should you go to this side of the island or that side of the island? Should you not surf at all? Is this a time for you to just take a break and relax? So that’s what we can do with the astrological times. And when you know your personal blueprint, your personal makeup, then you can time it with the more collective waves that are happening.


So as your interest in astrology, you’re making all of these connections in this vertical for people who provide guidance and readings for others and readings from an astrological sharing their information based on their birthday location and time. How did you start astrology hub? Was it organic or did you have a moment of, “Oh my gosh, this is exactly the kind of community I wanted to build. How did that transpire?


I definitely had a moment, but it’s not what she would think. Here I am now so into astrology because it’s helping me so much in my personal life. I was at dinner with a girlfriend at her house and her husband, who was a digital marketer, was sitting on the couch on his little laptop. We’re talking, talking, talking astrology, Marianne and I. He looks up from his computer and he goes, “You know, I bought this domain name, Astrology Hub, like years ago, and I’ve just been kind of sitting on it waiting for someone to do something with it. And I just raised my hand and I went, “Oh, I’ll do it.”

And I didn’t know what it was, but I knew that this was the thing that I had been looking for. So when I left New York, I was in this career, I was almost trajectory. I was like, “Oh, God, I don’t…This isn’t working.” And I see where my life is going and I don’t want to go there. So let’s start all over. So that was the whole like sell everything, move to Hawaii, start all over. 


I take it that very small summary that was an excruciating process. That was a tiny encapsulation of the ocean of what you were dealing with.


You’ve got it. Exactly. But one of my guiding desires and tensions, questions, whatever you want to call it was, How can I find something that utilizes my unique gifts and talents that helps people, that has a positive impact on people, and that enables me to take care of my family? First of all, is that even possible? Second of all, if it is possible, what is it for me? And so when he said, “I have this domain of astrology, hub, and I’ve been waiting and I raised my hand,” it was that moment of, “Oh, this could be it because I know that this helps people because it’s helped me.”

Oh, the other part of what I wanted was I wanted to feel passionate about it. I’m very passionate about this. And it’ll utilize my unique gifts and talents because I love to build things. I love to build things, especially like kind of from the ground up. That’s exciting to me because there’s all these unique challenges. And, you know, I love building teams.

I love building communities. So I thought, oh, gosh, this could be the thing. I didn’t have any idea what it was going to be. But I knew that it could be something really cool.



You found your centered point, which in Japanese culture is Ikigai, where those concentric circles of what you love and your passion and then helping others and the ability to monetize it essentially. So, yes, right where all of those converge and making the world a better place. So it’s a really beautiful spot and that is your purpose.



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I love that he had this domain and just happened to mention this. That’s really

amazingly serendipitous. Yes. And so when was that moment? How long ago did you take over and just run with creating this community? 


That was seven years ago, 2015. I was in the height of my breakdown moment, just totally searching for like, what is the thing, like what, I know I have a lot to offer. Why can’t I find an outlet for that? Why can’t I put that to use? And this was that, okay, this is going to be the thing that you helped to build.” It just felt right.

But it was a side hustle for a while. I was working with him on some other things.

He was a consultant. He had brought me in to do some other projects, and I was helping him with other things. We just started to build this on the side, and we ran an online summit. I was amazed that there were so many people out there like me who loved astrology, who were way more into it than me. They were having a conversation that was way over my head. But what I got to witness is, wow, there’s a lot of people who love this, who have already benefited from it, who want to learn how to do it. After that first summit, we had 4,000 people show up at that first summit. I was like, wow, that was amazing. And they were so grateful.


This was the first online astrology summit. So this was a brand new thing in the astrology world. Ever. Like first one ever.


First one ever. And we didn’t even know that. just like, “Let’s bring the summit model to astrology and see what happens.” People were so grateful because astrology was somewhat inaccessible. Astrology education was somewhat inaccessible because you had to find your teacher, you had to either travel to go learn from them or be situated near them. And there’s not that many masterful astrology teachers. So it was not the easiest thing for people to do. So they were like, “Oh my gosh, I could be in my pajamas and I can learn astrology. This is the best thing ever, and it was like super novel at the time.


Would you please explain everything that astrology hub provides?


One of the core things that we have is an online membership, and it’s a place where, especially people who are more spiritually oriented and transformation oriented, they can learn astrology from a different astrologer every single month. So we bring in some of the best of the best. We have new and full moon forecasts. We have a different mastery class teaching that they get access to every month. There’s a community and the community is a huge central part where they get to bounce ideas off people, speak the language, because astrology is really a language. And most people live in places where they aren’t surrounded by a bunch of people where they can speak it. So they love that they can come to this place and actually have a conversation, be like, “Look at a square of my node. What do I do? Has anybody been through this? How did you handle it? What happened when that was happening in your life. So that community aspect is huge for us. So that’s the membership. We also have a la carte classes and workshops and things people can take from different astrologers, all virtual, all online. And then we’ve most recently launched an online platform where people can access the best astrologers to get readings and what we’re calling instant insights. 

So as you’re going throughout your day, like that experience I had with Natasha, where I could call her up and be like, “Natasha, what the hell’s going on today?”

Like, things are crazy. I’m having the weirdest day. Can you look at my chart?

Can you tell me what’s happening? We have astrologers available to ask questions, like as you’re going throughout your life. So that can be either instantly or you can book a more in-depth reading where you want to dive into your sole purpose. You’re going through a big change and you want to get guidance on your career or where to live or if things are going on with your kids, you want to get that insight. So we make it easy for you to find. We have a matchmaking quiz so you could find the right astrologer for your question, and then we make it easy for you to book and actually have that reading.


Well, I have enjoyed listening and exploring the astrologers on astrology hub personally and really an amazing supportive community. Every single one that I’ve ever heard is and listened to or read about is truly fascinating. How do you pick? Oh, I know we’re naturally drawn to like, oh, I want to have this kind of reading. I’m going to go to this person. But still, when someone’s looking at all of this or exploring, it’s difficult to know what to do other than I personally recommend people start with listening to your podcast and listening to the different personalities and the different areas and approaches.

And I know astrology is this massive umbrella, and there’s so many elements and languages, which is something I’ve really learned from your organization of how you can look at the planets differently and the energies differently. And it all makes sense once it’s explained. It’s really bizarre. It’s so hard to explain. It’s like this mind blowing thing.


What you’re describing is one of the first things I realized is when I started diving

into that first summit, I went, “Oh my God, first of all, these people are so intelligent.

The astrologers I was interviewing for that.

Second of all, astrology is way more vast than I ever realized.

There’s financial astrology.

There’s career astrology.

There’s relationship astrology.

There’s parental guidance.

There’s even astrology that helps you answer very practical questions. I lost my wallet. Where is it? My dog ran away. Can astrology help me find my dog?

It’s incredible.

And what I would say is, where I see this going is that you don’t have to choose.

I see it as, at some point, people will have almost like your astrological advisory board,

where you know who to go to for the different kinds of things that come up in your life.

I personally have that. If I have questions about the company, I go to one astrologer.

If I have questions about my kids, I go to a different astrologer.

If I have questions about maybe wanting to move or looking at a different place to live on the planet or even visit, I go to a different astrologer.

And they all offer me insights, but just on different aspects of life. And that’s the beautiful thing that we all can take advantage of. When I first got into it, I was like, why isn’t everyone taking advantage of this? This is amazing. It’s like this secret tool that we have access to.


Yeah, I view it as quite literally a superpower.




That you can leverage. So if someone is just getting into this for the first time and they’re on the astrology hub website and they make an appointment with someone, how can they best prepare for a session? What are the best practices or tips that you have for someone exploring this consultation?


I love that question. And I’d love to just start at this point because one of the things I’ve realized recently is that it’s very natural for people to feel kind of nervous.

Like there’s this excitement and this nervousness about having your chart read, right?

It’s very intimate, you know? It’s like, oh no, I’ve had people say like, are they gonna tell me something bad?


Are they gonna tell me something that there’s something wrong with me or are they gonna tell me something I don’t wanna hear? You know, there’s all these beers that come up, but it’s okay. you’re gonna see daily people are writing in going, “Oh my God, I had no idea.

It was so amazing.

I feel so good.

I feel so empowered.

I feel so inspired.

I feel hopeful.”

So just know that even if you have those feelings come up, it’s totally natural, it’s totally okay. Just go towards it. Like that’s usually our own protection mechanisms, protecting us from sometimes the best things that ever happened in our lives, right? We sometimes feel some trepidation about that. To prepare, I would say it’s a really good idea to come with some idea of questions that you have and/or areas of life that you would like some insight in. So maybe you’re confused about your career path.

Maybe you have some specific questions about your relationship. Maybe you are just like, “What am I here for?

What are my superpowers?

What are my gifts?

What are my unique talents?” maybe you’re wanting some specific information on timing. I’m considering leaving my job, I’m considering moving. What would be the optimal time for that? So you can ask, and that can be the overwhelming thing for people is they’re like, oh my God, I can ask anything. But maybe just narrow it down to like three to five kinds of areas or questions that you have. It’s okay if you can’t do that.

It’s okay if you’re like, I don’t even know where to start. ‘Cause the astrologers will just, they’ll ask questions as you go along. The other thing is don’t go into it thinking that you just sit there and someone tells you your future or tells you about you. The best way to do it is to sit down and to think of it as more of a consultation. They’re going to look at things, they’re going to ask you questions, you can respond and it’s a dialogue. They’re looking at your chart and there are certain energies that they can see in your chart, but how you are choosing to live your blueprint is completely unique to you. We have this conversation a lot of astrology have, is it fate? Where does free will come in? Is it destiny? What is it? And I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion, at least for now, that there are absolutely fated events in our lives.

Where free will comes in and where that idea of destiny, like where you’re stepping into something, you’re becoming your own hero on your hero’s journey. is how you respond to those events. You absolutely have agency over that. And astrology actually shows us that. Two people could, they don’t ever, but they could have the same exact chart and they could be choosing to live it very differently. So, and also to prepare, like make sure when you have the reading, you have some space, you have some quiet, you are treating it as a sacred moment to really commune with your own soul.


Yeah, and now that so many things are online, so easy to record them.


Yes. It’s a lot of information and a short period of time that takes some time to process what you’ve just learned and then figuring out how that matriculates into your life as you’ve lived it so far, what you could lean into a little stronger, maybe helping understand certain things. I have a business mentor and I gifted him a reading. It was his first astrology reading. He was curious about astrology, but he didn’t know much.

So I carefully selected the astrologer for him. He had the reading. Afterwards, he’s like, it was amazing. Wow. I can’t believe she could see that much. And he goes, I’m not quite sure what to do with it all, but it was recorded. A month later, he’s taking this sabbatical. He is totally shifting so many things in his career. And he goes, you know, Amanda, that reading, that reading helped me so much. It gave me permission to do the things I knew inside of me that I was getting sort of nudged in the direction of, but like that just like fortified it. He went and listened to the recording over and over and he he said he took pages of notes. And as he was taking the notes, he wasn’t quite sure what it was referring to. But in looking back, he’s like, oh, wow, that was even more profound than I realized as I was going through it. The other thing is the instant insights, the instant the ability to hop on with astrologers quickly. That can be a great way to get clarification. Like as you start to integrate or synthesize the information in your life,

you might have questions. You might go, “Wait, what was the timing on that thing again?” Or, “How do I apply that thing again?” And so you can just hop on and be like, “Hey, Astrologer, can you help me get more clear on this little nuance that I received during my reading?”


Wow. So overall, how has astrology impacted your life? And do you share this with your girls? 


Oh, yeah. You’re okay. Oh, God, I would say in my mothering capacity, it is one of the most helpful tools that I’ve ever been exposed to. Just with simple information, I don’t need to know the intricacies of their charts or anything, just knowing their moon signs enables me to honor them as unique individuals and help them be on their own path, which is totally different from each other. I mean, if I try to one size fits all, mothering with them, it would not work. They’re very unique individuals. I’m sure most parents would agree that they’re children. They’re totally different from each other. astrology gives me the insights I need to give them what they need and to really to help them grow into the best version of themselves. We talk about it I don’t like to shove it down their throats. My oldest daughter is definitely interested in it. My youngest daughter is like, ‘Mama, don’t. I don’t need to know. Don’t tell me. I’m like, ‘Okay, fine. You don’t need to. It’s totally fine.’ But yeah, it seeps into our conversations and even my youngest daughter knows a lot more about astrology than most people just by absorbing being in the house.


Well, it’s like picking up on a foreign language too.


Yes, exactly. And then in the business, I mean, we use astrology to help plan any new product, any new launch to look at the year ahead and go, “Okay, it’s probably not a good idea to put three classes out during Mercury retrograde, for example. That’s going to be a time for us to be revising, looking at our internal processes. We use it to plan. I use it for timing all the time. Because even when I was describing when I moved to Hawaii, I was trying to start businesses. When I had that reading, Natasha was like, “Nothing you do right now is going to work.” I was like, “What? That is not where the energy is in your chart right now. The energy in your chart is in your family, in your relationships, really.” you’re trying to do over there, you’re going to feel like a salmon swimming upstream. And I was like, whoa, I mean, it definitely gave me permission to relax, even though it was still scary financially at the moment. But it just, it was like, whatever I tried to do then was futile. So I may as well wait until the timing was right. It’s kind of like jump rope, like double Dutch, you know, when you have to wait for the right time to jump in there. If you jump in too early, you’re going to get your feet all messed up. If you jump been too late, you’re going to miss the opportunity. You got to time it. Astrology enables us to hit that sweet spot of timing.


Yeah, it does. I’ve found that to be true. With all of this experience and beginning this organization that’s created this amazing community, what are the key takeaways thatyou would like people to have from our interview today?


You are as unique and amazing as your fingerprints. There is nobody else that has your specific design and you have so much to offer to the world in knowing yourself and embracing your gifts and working with the challenges that you have inherent in your design. You can live a life that feels purposeful and meaningful and inspiring, and it will look different for everyone. There’s no one size fits all. You have your own path and design, and really the work is understanding it, knowing it, embracing it, loving it, and sort of like sucking the marrow from it, getting the most out of your design that you can.

And I personally believe you chose it. chose this unique configuration, but not everyone believes that it doesn’t really even matter either way. You have it and you’re here to express it as fully as possible.


What are you most proud of?


You know, I’m most proud of that with myself. Like I’m most proud of my willingness to take risks, my willingness to forge my own way forward when everybody many, many times are like, “You are crazy. What are you doing?” Giving up a career, you’re making half a million dollars a year. You have this gorgeous life in New York City and blah, blah, blah. And I’m like, “Yeah, it doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t feel me.” My soul is telling me I’m not on the path that I came here to be on. And so just that willingness to go my own way. And it has felt lonely at times. It has felt scary at times. I felt lost at times, but there’s always been this internal compass nudging me on this path that just feels like my own. I’m most proud that I’m doing that and still along for the ride.

There is no end destination. We keep learning. We keep following the path and we keep growing. And I’m happy to be doing that. I’m happy to be modeling that for my daughters. I’m happy to be helping facilitate that for other people. And that all feels good.


Thank you so much for sharing your story. And I’m so grateful that you were able to join me today on Records Scratch. Thank you so much, Amanda.


Aw, thank you, Kara. It’s been such a pleasure. And thank for being in our community at Astrology Hub and finding your own path and doing the work that you’re doing. It’s so inspiring and it’s really beautiful. Thank you for that.


Thank you.


Clarity can make all the difference in the world. And Amanda helped explain how astrology offers a blueprint for our lives and helps us make sense of the challenging times and how it can aid us in navigating the changes that we go through. 

Thank you so much for listening to Record Scratch. I’d appreciate it if you would like it,

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