Olympic Moments

As I watched the end of the women’s road race, it was painful to watch the horrific crash of the leader (Annemiek van Vlueten) on the final slope to the finish line, giving American Mara Abbot, the lead. The race was hers to lose, and lose she did. In a moment of shear authenticity after the race, Abbot admitted that she did not believe she could win.

Ok…WHAT?! She is an Olympic athlete…how in the world did she make it this far if she didn’t believe in her own abilities?

I will tell you that the three women in a small wolf pack behind her CLEARLY believed they could win, and did by passing Abbot with mere yards to go.

Did this gal miss the visualization aspect of not just professional athleticism, but a tool that everyone can use to their benefit?

I want to hire Rowdy Gaines to shadow me all day long providing his signature enthusiastic color commentary of my day. He’s the best part of the Olympics for me – he’s so authentic and genuine in his exuberance. I don’t know how you sit next to that. I would stare in amazement at him with a permanent smile on my face and giggle. My mic would have to be turned off in case I’d snort. I’d forget why I was there. Forget play by play, who needs it with Rowdy covering the events. It would be wonderful to sit there and enjoy him.

Lilly King and Katie Meili prior to swimming for gold and bronze respectfully in the 100m breaststroke, were talking to one another in the ready room. Miele said to Lilly, “In fifteen minutes our lives are changing forever.”


Yes, they both won medals. and each of the girls returned to their home towns (Lilly King is a sophomore at IU, was in my daughter’s mythology class last semester and I am getting reports every time my daughter sees her in the weight room or at the bus stop), but what is different? What has changed?

The difference is Lilly and Katie now know what they are capable of. Not only did Lilly win a gold medal, she set a new Olympic record in her event. Meili won bronze and the Russian, who Lilly shook her finger at the night before while watching her heat on a monitor, catapulting Lilly’s status as a fan favorite, got the silver.

They know what they are capable of. This is powerful. We all have moments or glimpses of what we are truly capable of. Many visualize and work hard to create their reality, and each of us possesses infinite capacity for love.

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