Love Lives Here

Recently I wrote a piece on my local library, which I was inspired to do since I love books. Around this time, the library’s website experienced a much needed makeover.

Part of their fresh new face (website) are these wonderful tag lines, “Ideas Live Here”, “Innovation Lives Here”, “Discovery Lives Here”, and I was thinking if I created my own tag line along that same vein, it would be “Love Lives Here”.

The line, “Love Lives Here” would describe the subjects in each and every article I have ever written. This is truth. Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Martha Hoover, lawyer turned restauranteur, whose love of providing the best quality ingredients to her patrons is what deeply motivates her. Another subject of an upcoming article is on Mickey Maurer, whose CV is longer than the street I live on and filled with an abundance of amazing business accomplishments and civic duties he has performed, is driven by love – the love of his family and helping others. Just meeting him and getting a glimpse into what he is all about makes you want to be a better person. He’s written 4 books, and I can honestly say I read all 4 cover to cover in 3 days while I wrote his article. (and I highly recommend them all: google Michael S. Maurer for titles)

Carol Frohlich, a 75 year old who performed with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra as a chaired violinist for 38 years, has channeled her energies into training for triathlons after having both knees replaced shortly after her husband (also a career violinist with the ISO) passed away. Carol exercises out of love of self. She knew she needed to exercise to keep moving and remain independent, not realizing it would lead to a 3-sport competition and loving every minute of it.

The kids performing with Summer Stock Stage at Park Tudor love performing, Josh Posner opened Eva Maison because of his love of natural skincare products, and Kevin Heffernan opened Center Stage Vintage Guitars (in Noblesville) because he loves repairing and creating new instruments – he is an artist in love with his craft.

It’s easy for me to connect with people when I speak with someone who loves what they do, because I love writing. And if they don’t love what they are doing, I quickly find what it is that they do love, because that’s what gets them talking. And I also love listening.

I am grateful to have the privilege of meeting so many incredibly interesting people, and all have the common bond of love. It’s love for what they do and their love of helping others that drives most everyone I meet and in the process they inspire us all.

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