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I want to first express my gratitude to all of the amazing people that I meet, and especially those that loving share their stories with me. This trust means a great deal to me and I am so grateful to write about so many fun, interesting, and incredible people!

Ok, now to discuss FailFest!

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On November 19th, Launch Fishers played host to a variety of speakers who really don’t use the f-word. And by f-word, I mean “failure”

While I enjoyed all of the speakers that I listened to, I am going to share my notes from Susan Baroncini-Moe’s presentation. Here are the highlights from my notes on her speech:

6 steps to transform failure into success

  1. let yourself feel the emotions – let it go (give a time limit)
  2. acknowledge your successes – from the experience, spin your view – fresh perspective
  3. analyze mistakes – clear plan, clear goals, strategy in place
  4. strategize the future
  5. take action

ok, so maybe I only got the necessary 5 steps…


you can transform failure into success you decide what happens next, most importantly – failing doesn’t make you a failure – you decide who you are going to be tomorrow.

My favorite quote came from a guy who has a sign on his desk that reads:

“Fucking up two things at once does not count as multi-tasking.”

Best gratitude moment: John Wechsler thanking his mom for his spinal column.


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