Creatives Darye and Dija Henry: Fulfilling Their Lives By Pursuing Their Interests

Darye and Dija Henry follow their hearts, dreams and passions.

This dynamic couple understands that, at their core, they are creative beings. When they met at Purdue, Darye played guitar and piano while majoring in computer science. Dija started as an engineering major.

“I was auditioning for plays in the evening and realized I was conflicted with my career path,” shares Dija. She changed her majors to theater and kinesiology which made sense after 10 years of gymnastics and athletic training. Dija also earned an accidental minor in English.

The two married shortly after graduation. Through their journey together, Dija and Darye have encouraged one another to express their creative sides. They both come from very talented genetic pools. Both sides share a love of the arts with special emphasis on music, writing and acting.

It hasn’t always been easy for Dija to express her creativity while balancing being a mom raising three children. At a low point, she experienced a breakthrough. Surrounded by her kids while she lay on the bathroom floor with postpartum depression, she realized others must feel the same way she did with struggling to balance motherhood, creativity and work.

At this pivotal moment, Darye, who is founder of Reborn Code, encouraged his wife to express her heart through a creative outlet. Darye set her up with a laptop and a flip cam and introduced her to YouTube. She started blogging. Once she started, she didn’t stop. Dija was one of the first vloggers (video bloggers) to begin writing skits and filming them, then posting to YouTube. She found her muse which was the balance of honoring her inner creative self as well as being a mom and a wife. Dija got her groove back by becoming a Creative Lifestyle Blogger.

“We are creative beings,” shares Dija. “It is my hope to inspire other creatives in honoring themselves and their talents.”

Darye is a musician at heart with the piano or a guitar never far from his grasp. Their children are encouraged to explore a wide variety of interests. The Henrys tout themselves as a “STEAM” household: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

“I am so happy for Darye,” states Dija. “He released another album at the beginning of November, realizing a dream of his.” The EP is called “Prophets and Jesters.”

Dija starred in a short film that premiered in Los Angeles at the end of last summer. “Moving Still” is a short film made for the 168 Film Project. The film placed well among the competition, earning Best Actor and Best Score nominations. “Reggie McGuire and I produced the film,” says Dija. “And it was directed by Kindari of Verexia Studies. We are excited it was so well received!”

“Our children are all talented beings,” says Darye. “We encourage them to pursue their interests and hope to cultivate them into their own balance.” Dija adds, “We try to include them in our projects whether it’s coming with me to a filming, acting with me or hanging with daddy while he records music or rehearses. We make sure that creativity is a family affair. I always teach the kids how important it is to stay creative and use their minds to make up games or invent new ways of doing things. I think it’s a life skill!”

Dija’s website and blog,, is her creative outlet. Sign up for Dija’s newsletter on her blog to receive weekly inspiration in pursuing your passion.

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