Kara is a storyteller, pure and simple. Consumers are drawn to be customers based on why companies do what they do, not what they do. It’s the story that captivates, creating the foundation of a company.

Sharing this story is the key to success for companies. Kara’s specialty is translating a company’s language, whether it is clinical or technical, into a cohesive message that is readily understood by a broader audience.

She champions women-owned businesses and tech companies, for these are underserved in the media. Sharing complex concepts in a compelling conveyance of words is a skill that Kara has worked diligently upon. Living in a diverse high tech community, Kara strives to create a voice for these companies.

Bringing together her powerful skill set of writing, marketing, meticulous organization and empowerment coaching, she knows how to create a story that best represents an organization.

Kara Kavensky

Kara Kavensky