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Stories that Hit Hard

Sometimes a sequence of events cannot be logically explained. The following are seemingly random events, yet are inextricably entwined:  It’s an honor to share any story, and especially that of a WWII Veteran. It’s been nearly eleven years since I interviewed and wrote about the first of dozens of WWII Veterans, with that initial interview […]

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Three Brothers Survive Pearl Harbor

On December 19, 1940, four brothers made their way from Taswell, Indiana, located in Crawford County in Southern Indiana, to Louisville, Kentucky, to enlist in the US Navy. The threat of the United States engaging in WWII was imminent. Brothers Ivan, Edward, Melvin, and Maurice Atkins wanted to “see the world,” and they believed that […]

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A Record Scratch

10 years ago I interviewed a WWII veteran named Bob. Bob is one of thousands of individuals that I have interviewed over the years, and no one has impacted my life like he has. He lived alone, was a widower, had macular degeneration, and was nearing his 90th birthday when I first met him.  At […]

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The Interview That Inspired a Love Story

Every love story begins somewhere. Mine began ten years ago in the den of a widowed WWII veteran named Bob Albright.  As a journalist, I have the privilege of listening to and speaking with fascinating people. I’ve interviewed thousands of subjects for human interest stories, but none compare to my experience with Bob. I wanted […]

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