Lessons Learned

Psychotherapist Michelle Gambs Has Unique Perspective on Parenting Experts say parenting does not actually begin until a child begins to talk, around age 2; don’t shoot the messenger, as psychologists like Michelle Gambs accept this detail, an author and psychotherapist who focuses her practice on parents with children ages 2 to 12.“Real parenting starts when […]

Journey of Resilience

Journey of Resilience

April Ervin Seeks to Uplift and Empower April Ervin, the chief peace officer of Sustainable Leadership, LLC, knows a thing or two about resiliency, as she has hit the reset button multiple times in her life. A friend that Ervin has known for 25 years told Ervin that she is the most resilient person she […]

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Tackling Possibilities

A former NFL player is driving change and facilitating upward mobility for people of color. At the age of 15, Emil Ekiyor left Nigeria and moved in with friends of his parents across the ocean in Daytona Beach, Florida. Ekiyor had never been away from home before. “I was excited about my new adventure but was leaving […]

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Siri and the Pandemic

Exercise has always been a part of my life. When I was in junior high, I would wake up early to do the Jane

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