cultural compentency 4 kavensky

Cultural Competency Part 4: health care

Recently, the NFL agreed to drop race bias in concussion claims. It had previously been settling concussion claims using a “race-based formula that assumes Black players have a lower level of cognitive function,” according to a BBC report. Let that sink in. My questions are: How is it possible that this is happening in 2021?! […]

cultural compentency 3 kavensky

Cultural Competency Part 3: education

Discrepancies in education started way before 1865, considering there was only one educational system in place created by, and for, those who believed themselves the “founders” of what became the United States. This system was not established on a foundation of equality, regardless of race or socioeconomic status. It was established by affluent white people […]

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Cultural Competency Part 2: an entrepreneurial history

“To accept that the cries of the oppressed are legitimate, you also need to accept that the systems put in place that created the oppression need to be changed,” said Mike Green, cultural economist and chief strategist with the National Institute for Inclusive Competitiveness (NIIC). The mission of the NIIC is to raise the productivity […]


A Peloton of Change

Thanks to the pandemic, all Big 10 sports were stockpiled into the spring with the exception of football. In April, and as an IU grad, I wondered what was happening with Little 5 (Little 500), the most famous track cycling race in the world (according to us Hoosiers). Both the men’s and women’s races are […]

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