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Letters From Love: the backstory

In early December, 2023, my daughter Alex and her girlfriend Morgan were in town for a wedding. Our dear friend Iva and her beautiful mother Nadia also came for a visit. Alex said, “Iva, you should be on Liz Gilbert’s Letters From Love!” Iva replied with a wink, “December 24th!” This was the first time […]

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Let’s Close the Void

In Steve!, a Steve Martin documentary, Martin’s friend and artist Eric Fischl says, “[Art] comes from that deep awareness of the void — and the nature of the drive of art is to close that void.” Steve’s documentary is a beautiful love poem to his daughter (this is my interpretation after viewing it during several […]

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Notes on Self Love

In my former Pilates studio, the chiropractor with whom I shared an office placed a scale in the hall. I was mortified and immediately created the sign above.  This message, “This scale can only give you a numerical reflection of your relationship with gravity. That’s it. It cannot measure beauty, talent, character, purpose, possibility, strength, […]


Dan Wakefield, A Tribute to a Friend

Dan Wakefield didn’t swear on Sundays. He hadn’t owned a car since an accident in Miami over fifteen years ago. He enjoyed good company, excellent conversation, and readily expressed aggravation towards technology — his nemesis. Dan was my mentor, my friend, and Chief Curmudgeon in my life for over a decade. One evening, while Dan […]

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The Price of Unconditional Love

My first experience with unconditional love happened the moment I saw my beautiful daughter, Alexandra. I thought I knew what love was, but I instantaneously realized that I had known nothing about love until the moment I held her in my arms. One of the miracles of having children is their instant ability to expand […]

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Starting last August, the social media posts of parents celebrating their high school seniors began. For my own mental health, I had to mute a few friends so I wouldn’t see their posts. There have been, and I assume there will continue to be, many painful reminders that my son Jake should be experiencing, but […]

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In what feels like a lifetime ago, I owned a Pilates studio. It not only served as a fun place to workout, it was a networking hub, and to a great extent — my lifeline during a challenging period of my life.  Outside of writing about fitness, most of the human interest stories that I […]

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A Record Scratch

10 years ago I interviewed a WWII veteran named Bob. Bob is one of thousands of individuals that I have interviewed over the years, and no one has impacted my life like he has. He lived alone, was a widower, had macular degeneration, and was nearing his 90th birthday when I first met him.  At […]

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The Interview That Inspired a Love Story

Every love story begins somewhere. Mine began ten years ago in the den of a widowed WWII veteran named Bob Albright.  As a journalist, I have the privilege of listening to and speaking with fascinating people. I’ve interviewed thousands of subjects for human interest stories, but none compare to my experience with Bob. I wanted […]

Delicate Arch

The breathtaking views inside Arches National Parks are hard to describe beyond the word, “breathtaking”. The park has safe, easily accessible hikes to its monuments, except to Delicate Arch. Thanks to the other monument hikes, I was unprepared for the “strenuous” hike description in the guidebook for Delicate Arch. A more accurate description would be, […]

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