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Delicate Arch

The breathtaking views inside Arches National Parks are hard to describe beyond the word, “breathtaking”. The park has safe, easily accessible hikes to its monuments, except to Delicate Arch. Thanks to the other monument hikes, I was unprepared for the “strenuous” hike description in the guidebook for Delicate Arch. A more accurate description would be, […]


I Need a Re-entry Plan!

This weekend, we receive our second shots. So in two weeks we will be vaccinated with peak immunity to COVID and able to carefully socialize. I realized that I need a step-by-step re-entry plan. I could make jokes about forgetting how to accessorize or unsure how to apply makeup or dress myself outside of athleisurewear. […]

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  • Finding Joy

The Journey of Finding Joy Began 5 Years Ago

My expectation with every (personal interest story) interview that I have experienced over the years has consistently provided me with wonderful stories that I am excited to share. But there was one that was different…

It’s all About Love

This week of Thanksgiving has begun with sadness and an overabundance of gratitude for someone who has profoundly impacted my life.The following is the eulogy that I delivered today for a man that I loved dearly, for he asked me to find Joy… Bob would be sorry to miss this. He told me that he […]

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