Dan Wakefield, A Tribute to a Friend

Dan Wakefield didn’t swear on Sundays. He hadn’t owned a car since an accident in Miami over fifteen years ago. He enjoyed good company, excellent conversation, and readily expressed aggravation towards technology — his nemesis. Dan was my mentor, my friend, and Chief Curmudgeon in my life for over a decade. One evening, while Dan […]


Researching His Roots: Duane D. Perry, Sr. Leverages Genealogy to Uncover the Stories of His Family

Duane D. Perry, Sr. is a treasure hunter. The treasure he hunts for requires patience, curiosity, focus, resiliency, single-mindedness, and luck. The gems he finds are pieces of the past, and all share a common denominator: his DNA. Perry searches for his family, and a by-product of his efforts is enriching his life. Genealogy is […]

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A Record Scratch

10 years ago I interviewed a WWII veteran named Bob. Bob is one of thousands of individuals that I have interviewed over the years, and no one has impacted my life like he has. He lived alone, was a widower, had macular degeneration, and was nearing his 90th birthday when I first met him.  At […]

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The Interview That Inspired a Love Story

Every love story begins somewhere. Mine began ten years ago in the den of a widowed WWII veteran named Bob Albright.  As a journalist, I have the privilege of listening to and speaking with fascinating people. I’ve interviewed thousands of subjects for human interest stories, but none compare to my experience with Bob. I wanted […]

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How to Practice Impactful Communication

Making an impact upon entering a room may be natural at certain times, but how to make it a habit? How do we fine-tune our efforts to do so? To answer these questions, I spoke with communications expert Lisa Mitchell. Lisa is an expert on intentional communications, which encompasses an entire suite of communication techniques, including […]

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Savage to Sage Podcast

As a guest on Savage to Sage podcast, Kara shares her approach to storytelling for businesses, discusses the inspiration for her soon-to-be-released memoir, Finding Joy, and offers advice to entrepreneurs.

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Drawn to Inspire

A former Disney Illustrator shares her story with speech therapy, life at Disney, and now calls Zionsville home.

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Intrapreneurship: A Driving Force Within Companies

Startup tech companies rely upon intrapreneurs to compliment their fast growth companies. In fact, this characteristic is highly sought after when assembling early stage teams.

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Give me the Walkers

Having a dream and doing something about it are entirely 2 different things.

Interns to Orphans: Jeff Papa’s Mission to Mentor

While planting trees in Jeff Papa’s front yard in 2003, Jeff and Steve Wolff discussed how privileged they were to be where they are in their current positions and how far they had come. They admired the work of those around them, such as Barnes & Thornburg partner Bob Grand with his support of Little Red Door. Jeff and Steve were thinking out loud, exploring ideas for their own philanthropic impact

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