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The new force at Newfields: Dr. Colette Pierce Burnette

Arts and culture is a way to bring people together and after the scandal at the IMA in 2020, the organization clearly needed new leadership. They’ve found her. Dr. Colette Pierce Burnette was raised in a working-class family in an all-black neighborhood in Cleveland. Her grandmother was a strong influence in her life. Dr. Pierce […]

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Carmel Music Academy

When Jon E. Gee was sixteen he was introduced to a band that needed a bass player. When asked if he played bass, Jon E. Gee replied, “Yes!” He didn’t.

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Drawn to Inspire

A former Disney Illustrator shares her story with speech therapy, life at Disney, and now calls Zionsville home.

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The Love Train / Department of Public Words

…as I walked out of their building, I saw the mental balance I was needing after my meeting: art. Specifically, the Love Train mural created by the Department of Public Words along the Monon Trail between 52nd and 54th street.

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  • Will Higgins

My April Fools Adventure with Dan Wakefield

On Friday, April 1st, we planned to go out to dinner. Mid-day I receive an email from Dan that we have been invited to a gallery exhibit of his friend, Will Higgins, who is a writer for the Indy Star.

Creating Our Own Mythology

The feeling of coming home is the best way that I can possibly describe how I feel when I gaze upon work by Walter Knabe. As I walk into his studio, I inherently take a deep breath, for his art settles me.

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