About Kara

A born storyteller, Kara loves sharing inspiring (and funny) stories. Having written for multiple magazines, both local and national, she has interviewed hundreds of people. Her first novel, Finding Joy, is a result of one of those interviews. (and so is her second release, Paper Love.)

With a background of sales and marketing, writing, empowerment coaching, and fitness (she’s been a professional Pilates trainer and instructor for over 15 years), she brings her professional skill set to help share the stories of businesses in addition to individuals.

Kara’s specialty is sharing a story in an effective way to convey the impact that person / company / group has on the world, or assisting with the cultivation the story of an individual / startup / company / group to create one with impact.

Professionally, she writes articles for magazines and contracts for public relations assistance with companies. She writes press releases, attends countless networking meetings, presents and creates company stories, shares concepts of story building and helps others achieve their goals.

She is wrapping up a book, which is a love story – a true one – that is all about timing and how you are never too old for love.

Kara Kavensky

Kara Kavensky