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Kara Kavensky

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A born storyteller, Kara loves sharing inspiring stories. She has contributed 1000+ personal interest articles, op-eds, and features on fascinating people to local and national magazines and news outlets.

In addition to storytelling and public relations, she consults on strategic storytelling concepts to humanize businesses and facilitate amazing results.

Kara’s debut memoir, Finding Joy, is a love story. During an interview for a cover story with a WWII veteran, she is sent on a journey to find his long lost love.

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Finding Joy

Against the odds, a woman searches for healing and joy in her life while searching for a long lost love for another, hoping that one can live happily even after.

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Recent contributions and personal musings.

I Need a Re-entry Plan!

This weekend, we receive our second shots. So in two weeks we will be vaccinated with peak immunity to COVID and able to carefully socialize. I realized that I need a step-by-step re-entry plan. I could make jokes about forgetting how to accessorize or unsure how to apply makeup or dress myself outside of athleisurewear. […]

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We should all read STAND by Kathryn Bertine

When Kathryn Bertine was six years old, she rode her bike to kindergarten in Bronxville, NY. One morning on the way to school, the chain fell off. She reattached the chain by herself and that day in class, her teacher asked the students what they wanted to do when they grew up. Kathryn confidently, and […]


Lessons Learned

Psychotherapist Michelle Gambs Has Unique Perspective on Parenting Experts say parenting does not actually begin until a child begins to talk, around age 2; don’t shoot the messenger, as psychologists like Michelle Gambs accept this detail, an author and psychotherapist who focuses her practice on parents with children ages 2 to 12.“Real parenting starts when […]

Journey of Resilience

Journey of Resilience

April Ervin Seeks to Uplift and Empower April Ervin, the chief peace officer of Sustainable Leadership, LLC, knows a thing or two about resiliency, as she has hit the reset button multiple times in her life. A friend that Ervin has known for 25 years told Ervin that she is the most resilient person she […]

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