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Kara Kavensky

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A born storyteller, Kara loves sharing inspiring stories. She has written thousands of personal interest stories, op-eds, and features on fascinating people to local and national magazines and news outlets.

In addition to storytelling and public relations, she consults on strategic storytelling concepts to humanize businesses, which facilitates amazing results.

Kara’s debut memoir, FINDING JOY, is a result of one of her interviews. Release date TBD.

Listen to podcast episodes of Finding Joy with Kara and her newest podcast series, Record Scratch with Kara!

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A memoir about a transformational journey filled with miracles and second chances.


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Recent contributions and personal musings.

Stories that Hit Hard

Sometimes a sequence of events cannot be logically explained. The following are seemingly random events, yet are inextricably entwined:  It’s an honor to share any story, and especially that of a WWII Veteran. It’s been nearly eleven years since I interviewed and wrote about the first of dozens of WWII Veterans, with that initial interview […]

Leaders and legacies: The rich history of those buried at Greenlawn Cemetery

In a nearly forgotten area along the banks of the White River in downtown Indianapolis lay buried gems of the past. These gems are the human remains of notable leaders who lived extraordinary lives, including the first Black landowner in Indiana — who is a woman, Muhammad Ali’s great-great grandfather, the first Black Grand Master […]

Three Brothers Survive Pearl Harbor

On December 19, 1940, four brothers made their way from Taswell, Indiana, located in Crawford County in Southern Indiana, to Louisville, Kentucky, to enlist in the US Navy. The threat of the United States engaging in WWII was imminent. Brothers Ivan, Edward, Melvin, and Maurice Atkins wanted to “see the world,” and they believed that […]

Pulling up a chair with Deb Whitfield

Deb Whitfield, Lawrence Common Council Member At-Large, is running for Mayor of Lawrence. If elected, Whitfield will become the second Black female Mayor in state history. Whitfield became a Lawrence resident nearly thirty years ago when she and her late husband, former Olympic track and field star Ashland Whitfield, relocated to Indianapolis for his job […]

Researching His Roots: Duane D. Perry, Sr. Leverages Genealogy to Uncover the Stories of His Family

Duane D. Perry, Sr. is a treasure hunter. The treasure he hunts for requires patience, curiosity, focus, resiliency, single-mindedness, and luck. The gems he finds are pieces of the past, and all share a common denominator: his DNA. Perry searches for his family, and a by-product of his efforts is enriching his life. Genealogy is […]

Leave the Heavy Lifting to the Librarians

Libraries represent community, connectedness, and until recently, inclusion. Libraries are places to get lost: within the pages of a great book. They are windows to the world of exploration, and can be a safe haven for children as they are exploring boundaries, relating to others, and discovering other cultures.  A related matter is the growing […]

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