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Kara Kavensky

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A born storyteller, Kara loves sharing inspiring stories. She has contributed 1000+ personal interest articles, op-eds, and features on fascinating people to local and national magazines and news outlets.

In addition to storytelling and public relations, she consults on strategic storytelling concepts to humanize businesses and facilitate amazing results.

Kara’s debut memoir, Finding Joy, is a love story. During an interview for a cover story with a WWII veteran, she is sent along a journey to find his long lost love.

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Finding Joy

A memoir. It’s a love story, but it doesn’t start out that way.

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Recent contributions and personal musings.
Kara Kavensky Death of Son Grief thegem blog default

Joy and Grief: Kara Kavensky Navigates both after the Accidental Death of her Son

After learning the news that her 16-year-old son Jake had perished in an automobile accident, Kara Kavensky is living with grief and love. Kara Kavensky In February of this year, I rudely and prematurely became an empty nester. Since that time, some moments are as raw as when I first learned that Jake, my 16-year-old [...]

Featured Image Midwestern Roots Genealogy Converence Map scaled thegem blog default

Finding Your Root: The Midwestern Roots Conference

The Midwestern Roots genealogy conference is in Indianapolis July 14-16. Here’s some fascinating insight on what to expect. “I’ve always wanted to be a character,” says Priscilla Austgen, a retired-attorney-turned-genealogist who loves research and libraries — a perfect storm for genealogy. Austgen has uncovered several ancestral “characters” within her family, which includes descendants of the […]

Featured Image Children Hands Support thegem blog default

Here’s How to Engage Your Children in Support of Loved Ones In Need

If you have a friend or loved one who is grieving or in need of support, here are some smart tips for how to engage your kids to help. One of the toughest things in life is to accept help when we need it. When something happens to someone you know and love, it’s natural […]

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It’s Harvest Time!

Riding in a combine in Indiana during harvest season provides a fresh perspective and an appreciation for our food supply chain. Thanks to advancing technology, a combine is the largest remote controlled vehicle used on a farm. It’s programmed to run autonomously with the driver maneuvering the steering wheel when needed and work a joystick […]

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